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That's pretty harsh for having some dirty books.


> "Rexford "Rex" Gene Wolfe, 60, was convicted by a La Paz County jury
> Oct. 22, on 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor under 15 years
> of age. According to a press release by County Attorney Sam Vederman,
> Wolfe had been living in San Francisco prior to his arrest in May
> 2009.
> In 2002, Wolfe stored some crates and briefcases in the shed of Bouse
> resident Jim Jarvis. He did not tell Jarvis what was being stored. In
> December 2008, Jarvis cleaned out his shed and discovered child
> pornography and called law enforcement.
> Vederman prosecuted the case. Each count carries a prison sentence of
> 10 to 24 years, 17 years presumptive in the Arizona Department of
> Corrections. There is no eligibility for probation. La Paz County
> Superior Court Judge Michael Burke will sentence Wolfe Nov. 30."
> http://www.parkerpioneer.net/articles/2009/10/28/news/parker06.txt
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