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Any news about another Latro book coming out?
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1. Re:  Wolfe @  WindyCon (Matthew  Groves)


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Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 20:58:05 -0600
From: Matthew Groves  <matthewalangroves at gmail.com>
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So wish I could be there.  Look  forward to reports.

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 8:26 AM, James Wynn  <crushtv at gmail.com> wrote:
> WindyCon starts tomorrow. The  following are the panels Gene Wolfe is
> supposed to participate on. If  anyone is going, I'm particularly
> interested in what is said at the  Friday 5pm panel.
> Friday 5pm Appointment With the End of the  World
> 2012, the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, is  fast
> approaching. ?Will it really end this time? ?What fascinates us  with
> predictions of the end and what do they really mean? ?Our  panelists
> discuss apocalypses of various types.
> L. Godfrey, E.  Maksym, B. Thomasson, G. Wolfe
> Saturday 4pm Dystopia  Begone
> Does the future have to be so grim? ?Is our future really  overcrowded,
> polluted and unequal? ?What books are interesting, good  to read, and
> have a positive view of the near future? ?Or is there a  positive view?
> ?Our panelists discuss the world of the next 100  years.
> E.E. Knight, J. Plaxco, M.Z. Williamson, G.  Wolfe
> Sunday 11am Court of the Crimson Kings
> Good old  adventure SF. Space opera, exotic alien cultures. ?What else
> is out  there like this? ?Was John Carter the last romantic hero? ?Come
> and  find out.
> L. Darrow, R. Horton, F. Pohl, P. Sayre McCoy, G.  Wolfe
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