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Ah yes, lost R'lyeh resurfaces.

Cthulhu phthaghn!


> A couple of news items this week made me think of places in An
> Evil Guest.
> The first was a report of a large quake (7.1 magnitude)
> associated with the eruption of an undersea volcano--about 130mi
> southeast of the main isle of the Tonga group. I seem to recall
> earlier discussions on-list mentioning the Friendly Isles as an
> analog of Wolfe's Takanga; I don't have much to add to what's
> already been noticed.
> The second news item was about the fatal accident of actress
> Natasha Richardson at a ski resort in the Laurentians. This
> directed my attention to Mont Tremblant. In an early chapter of
> AEG, Gid and Cassie drive to a mountain where Gid magnifies
> Cassie's natural star quality. We get a clue to the location of
> the mountain when the black car passes a sign pointing to
> "Toronto" and Gid says "we have to reach Canada and travel
> another hundred miles." Mont Tremblant is about 150 miles from
> the Vermont border so the distance isn't unreasonably far off.
> Does Vermont fit the book's geography? Kingsport is a stand-in
> for Marblehead in Lovecraft's universe, so the natural route to
> Mont Tremblant would be by way of I--89 through Vermont. This is
> not inconsistent with a road sign pointing to Toronto--along the
> way, you'll see at least one sign pointing to Toronto.
> What cinches it for me is that Mont Tremblant is the home of the
> Order of the Magnificat of the Mother of God, a religious order
> that split from the Catholic Church about 100 years ago. It's not
> much of a stretch to connect this symbolically to the
> magnification of Cassie's animal magnetism on the trembling
> mountain.
> - Stephen Hoy
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