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I don't have the text to hand but IIRC there is a passage in IGJ where the Neighbours
say that they worshipped the mother once but do not anymore


From: Jordon Flato <jordonflato at gmail.com>

1)  The Neighbors knew of the Mother, and while Horn calls her a Goddess, I
don't think we ever know if the Neighbors considered her to be so.  It is
Seawrack who gives Horn the ring which identifies him as a neighbor/man to
He-Pens-Sheep, and may single him out as a representative of all humanity
for the Neighbors (or, he IS a neighbor if you want to go that route, which
I don't yet).  Seawrack comes back with the ring after disappearing under
the waves for a while.  Could the Mother have given her the ring to give to
horn, in an effort to engineer a peace between the neighbors and humanity?
Is that part of seawracks purpose, and part of why she was sent to Horn?
It's a stretch, but something tingles in the back of my head about it.

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