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To follow up with "Against the Fall of Night", I'd also look to Clarke's "revision" (re-imagining?), "The City and the Stars".

Also, in a similar vein, his novelette "The Lion of Commarre". How about "Childhood's End"? Or the novelized/expanded "Songs of Distant Earth"?
For Stapledon: "Last Men in London" is a book that takes place within the timeline of "First and Last Men". And "Starmaker", encompassing a lifecycle of a universe, might be worth looking at.

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Matthew Keeley wrote:
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>> Speaking of Vance, who else has written "dying earth"

Aside from the aforementioned Smith and Hodgson:

H.G. Wells, _The Time Machine_
John Campbell, "Twilight"
Brian Aldiss, _Hothouse_ (aka _The Long Afternoon of Earth_)
Richard Lupoff, _One Million Centuries_
Arthur C. Clarke, "Against the Fall of Night"
M. John Harrison, _The Pastel City_ (and other Viriconium books)
Michael Moorcock, _An Alien Heat_ (and the rest of the series)
Olaf Stapledon, _Last and First Men_

There a lot of differences among these books and stories, but all involve
far-future decline.

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