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Tue Mar 31 03:17:35 PDT 2009

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>>>> Wolfe: "I think he mellowed a little too much at the end

>>>> He wasn't as sharp-edged as he really should have been. Perhaps the
>>>> same thing will happen to me.

>>> The man is in his 80s.

>> Next year he is 80.

> Most sources I can locate list his birthday as May 7, 1931.

>> Perhaps we should descend upon Barrington bearing tribute....

>> Quite seriously, why don't we get a hotel there sometime around his
>> birthday and throw a big thing for him?

> I doubt Mr Wolfe would appreciate having a brawl thrown in his honor.

Oh, I m sure we would all be on our best behavior. If you don't feel that
you can control yourself, by all means, stay away.

I've done this kind of thing before, it can work out well.


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