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I just can't bring myself to support the NRO. Is there a transcript  

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> Wolfe Man [John J. Miller]
> Today's Between the Covers podcast is with Gene Wolfe <http://radio.nationalreview.com/betweenthecovers/post/?q=MmQ2ZjA2OGE4ZWNmZjBkMGQ1MjRjYjlhOTA4YmU2OWE= 
> >, the legendary science-fiction writer. Here's what /The  
> Encyclopedia of Science Fiction/ says about him:
>   Though neither the most popular nor the most influential author in
>   the sf field, [Wolfe] is today quite possibly the most important.
> How's that for an endorsement?
> In our interview, we discuss his new anthology of short stories, the  
> book that he thinks will be his legacy, and the influence of G.K.  
> Chesterton on his work. At the end, he says this:
>   I am a conservative. I certainly read William F. Buckley, Jr. with
>   delight…I think he mellowed a little too much at the end…He wasn 
> 't
>   as sharp-edged as he really should have been. Perhaps the same thing
>   will happen to me.
> Listen in — and subscribe to the whole BTC series on iTunes!
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