(urth) STFU

Stephen Hoy stephenhoy at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 29 21:28:45 PDT 2009

Matt Keeley asks:
> What's this about R's little brother in AEG? I don't have the
> book on me here.

B-R Girl: I like everyone of them fifty times more than you. Even
Cassie  : Puts me in my place. Got a spoon?
B-R Girl: I even like Rita's little brother better than you.
- AEG p28

If those names were rattled off by B-R Girl because they have some
connection to the rest of the AEG story, we'd expect to be able to identify
a Rita with a little brother who has a similar tie-in to AEG as the other
names. None comes to mind, which may mean I'm off-target with one or all of
the suggestions I've made. Still, there's a Mulholland Drive quality to AEG.
It seems like every time Cassie awakens, 'reality' has mutated.

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