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Sat Mar 28 15:13:18 PDT 2009

David Stockhoff asserts that there is no corporate income tax.

>From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_tax:

Tax rates around the world vary considerably both in their statutory
rates, and in their effective rates after all offsets are considered,
preventing any straightforward comparisons of tax rates between countries.
In some countries, for example, the United States, Canada and Switzerland,
subnational governments also collect taxes, which further complicates the
calculation of the tax rate.

In the United States, the top marginal federal corporate rate for income
over $18.3 million is 35% (it can be as low as 15% for income under
$50,000). Most states also tax companies,[2] but the state tax is a
deductible expense in calculating federal tax, so the overall tax rate is
not simply the sum of the two tax rates.


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