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Fri Mar 27 16:28:03 PDT 2009

Dear Mr. Wynn,

Thank you for your very kind comment.

On Friday 27 March 2009, you wrote:

> No, no, no. Wolfe's point is that
> Abel's method truly Loving Disiri --
> rather than finding her available
> and appealing-- was a stand-in for
> loving the Most High God of which
> he stills knows almost nothing of
> at the end of double novel. It ulti-
> mately led him to Skye as a great
> hero.  Wolfe's perspective certainly
> does jibe with a lot of things C.S.
> Lewis wrote and illustrated in 'The
> Last Battle', 'The Great Divorce',
> and 'The Four Loves'.
> But once again, there are two sides
> to this romance. You cannot ignore
> Disiri's motivations in loving Able
> (which we find she does although
> she has a strange way of showing
> it in her initial scene).  Disiri loves
> Able because she recognizes that
> he is Higher than she. Her love is
> certainly properly directed, right?
> To say that Able was wrong in loving
> Disiri is to say that Christ was wrong
> in loving mankind.  It's much more
> involved than you are portraying.

Yes, exactly.  This is a case in which both of the romantic partners
experience spiritual growth through the relationship--Disiri in
particular in a very literalized way.  This is very well said.


Mark Millman

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