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Now that's an observation that makes me really want to read the book. From the discussion here, I first thought it might be silly intertextual fun, then got a growing impression of deeper currents. But this is great. Is Wolfe imitating a dead or dying storytelling mode right down to its well-known flaws?

And has he always done this?


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It has been growing on me, how clever this novel is. On the surface, it is
not only a pulp novel, it is a *bad* pulp novel, with a poor editing job:
why the author and editor can't even keep the address of the heroine
straight. People are mentioned, killed, forgotten. It is easy to see
someone who doesn't know Wolfe saying 'Eh! The author can't even be
bothered to keep a bit of consistency? Onto the trash heap with it!'.

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