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Thu Mar 26 22:18:01 PDT 2009

Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:
> Society is like a bunch of people who decide they want pizza on a
> Friday night. Everybody chips in a few bucks.  You can argue about
> how to fairly divide the cost -- by who eats most, or who can afford
> most, or just even-Steven, or what -- and you can argue about how
> much and what kind of pizza to order (and there's always the one
> guy holding out for takeaway curry), but if you want to be part of
> the pizza party, you chip in.
> That's taxes. Simple as that. Instead of "pizza," you get things
> like "roads" and "police protection," but the general idea applies.

Currently you don't get police protection in the US, only the 
_possibility_ of police protection, and there's no refunds or recourse 
if they don't respond.

> That's right. On my dime. I got no problems with chipping in
> my share for the services society provides.

What if you don't care for pizza? Or find much of the services society 
provides unnecessary, unreliable, or even invasive?

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