(urth) Gene Wolfe's Politics

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 13:03:33 PDT 2009

>> A good practical place to start.
>> You can only make a new tax if you remove two others: you can only raise 
>> a
>> tax if you reduce other taxes by twice the amount.
> This is a formula for bankruptcy.

I don't think this resolution is exactly what Horn suggested; however, it is 
only a formula for bankruptcy if one of the following is true:

A.) The leaders of a government cannot curb their inclination to spend more 
and more--or commit themselves to spending more and more--without regard to 
the money coming in (admittedly, a genuine impetus in democratic and 
autocratic governments)

B.) There is some kind of law of good governance that demands governments 
continually spend ever larger percentages of the nation's economy (which I 
don't consider true, and would inevitably lead to bankruptcy).


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