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Good catch. Fritz Lieber rocks!

Wolfe has said he sees little point in creating new words or names when there are so many good ones already. This is probably just a tip of the hat to Fritz. 

But I think Fritz was doing something almost postmodern in that story in so plainly revealing the archetype behind his character, and Wolfe frequently does the same thing. It's a way of introducing gods and heroes as characters and plot forces without making them unbelievable. 

Someone noted here that Wolfe favors "Orion"-type characters ...


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Also happens to be the name of one of the taverns on Rime Isle in the  
sixth and seventh Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser books.

And the sixth book is about the incursion of Loki and Odin into  
Newhon, and Fafhrd as a kind of avatar of Odin.

Silk, one might say, is also an avatar of Odin, what with the raven  
and the eyepatch and all.

I do not yet have a coherent thesis.  Maybe there isn't one here.

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