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Cut two taxes when you lay one sounds like an excellent rule.


> Rereading  "On Blue's Waters," I came upon some of Horn's reflections on
> being a ruler:   "My advisors, who are all good, well-intentioned men, are
> forever suggesting that I get down to business, although they never phrase
> it quite so baldly.  If action must be taken, they want it taken now,
> immediately...Immediate action is the soul of war, as I learned many years
> ago by observing General Mint.  It is not the soul of peace...When a new
> burden must be laid upon the people, we should remove two, and look very
> carefully, first, at those we have chosen to remove.  Those who sail fast
> do not sail for long, while what is written with great rapidity is rarely
> read--or worth reading."  (OBW, Chap. 7)
> Horn expresses--I think--Gene Wolfe's view, a view of true conservatism.
> Our present society is certainly not perfect, but change should be slow
> and careful, lest we create something worse.
> Best wishes,
> Jack
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