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> James Wynn wrote:
>> no one's sexual relationship in BSG ended well except for Baltar and
>> Six's.
>> If I were to ascribe a moral to sex in BSG it would be "sex invariability
>> causes people to act treacherously or cruelly."
> There were at least three healthy physical relationships in BSG, all
> between married couples: Athena/Helo, Bill/Laura, and Galen/Callie. As for
> Ellen/Saul - well, as long as they stayed together they were fine, their
> problem was not having enough sex to suit Ellen.

I agree with your general point, but Galen/Callie was *not *a healthy
relationship.  Galen/Boomer was for as long as it lasted despite being
illicit and therefore covert.  Also, unless I missed something in the
webisodes, isn't the relationship with Hoshi about the only think Gaeta has
going for him toward the end?

> Did Baltar even have sex in the final episode? If not (and I'm thinking
>> not) it a first.  Certainly, Baltar and Six's relationship was hardly less
>> realistic than Wolfe's and, in general, its purpose was titilation.
> IIRC Baltaar failed to have sex in most of the episodes with Pegasus Six
> and IIRC during the mutiny. The rest of the time would be about half and
> half - of course, half of 73 episodes is still a lot of sex for one farm
> boy.
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