(urth) Blood Pudding (was Neighbors as Faeries)

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 16:18:35 PDT 2009

>>Well, there are doubters about almost everything in a Wolfe novel,
>>isn't there? But there's a scene where Jahlee comes into a bar after
>>feeding on a drunk victim. The Raja hears her voice and thinks she's
>>Chenille. Based on that, I'm convinced that Jahlee's mother fed on
>>Chenille and so Jahlee has her soul within her, just as Sinew's soul
>>is within Krait.
>>Heck, maybe I'm out there alone regarding Krait as well.
>This may just be an extension of the general problem of identity in the
>books. I don't have a problem with seeing Sinew within Krait, in a sense,
>but the idea that Krait IS Sinew seems off to me. Similarly with Chenille.
I'd say it is exactly the issue of identity in the books and I don't
suppose we're going come to a meeting of the minds on this. To the
extent that Rose becomes Marble, Sinew becomes Krait.

Resurrected Horn calls Krait his son. Add to that that IMO resurrected
Horn is not exactly Horn anymore and you see (as I see it anyway)
Wolfe is deliberately pushing the idea of identity to its conceptional

Also, note that the Raja calls Jahlee his sister and his daughter. And
he tells Hoof or Hide (during dream travel) that Jahlee could be his


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