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Sun Mar 22 03:27:44 PDT 2009

> Jeremy Francis wrote:
> > I doubt they'll have an easier time of it.  Again, I think you underestimate
> > the power of a centralised population, and overestimate how plentiful
> > sustenance will be.  They will have a HARDER time of it on Earth than they
> > did on New Caprica, and New Caprica forced privation on the populace.
> I agree that it would be easier all in one place, network effects and 
> all that, and if they were serious about natural disasters they'd have 
> landed a couple of ships to use for shelters and/or emergency 
> evacuation.  But it's not fair to say the ending is logistically dumb 
> when the ubiquitous cigarettes and good grooming would imply they had 
> entire ships full of cigarettes and hair-care products along for the 
> ride all along.

Given that Wolfe was writing all this, I think we need to consider more complex interpretations.

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