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Cavil was pretty irreligious.  "I want to SMELL dark matter!  Screw you,

I'm also pretty sure forming a settlement would have been far more efficient
than splitting up.  Specialisation of labour, economies of scale, and all
that.  There is a wide gulf between having to rough it in a Dark Age era
settlement and being a hunter-gatherer, and I doubt they would have slipped
that far in terms of technology had they set up a city.  

And as to their marriage, I was just being facetious.  I found that to be a
really touching character moment.  I thought the finale had many good
character moments, but the plot was weak.

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Jeremy Francis wrote:
> I rarely weigh in on anything on this list but may I share my disgust with
> that ending.  It was essentially two hours of "Oh, shit, I've backed
> into a corner.  How do I get out?"  This leads to some of the more absurd
> elements of the episode - the first of which was when Cavil consented to
> some sort of treaty based on Gaius' "I see angels!" statement

I don't see a problem with cult leader Baltaar manipulating Cavil's 
similar religious beliefs.

> followed by
> Lee's "Atavism for all, enjoy copulating with the mud-smeared natives;
> alternatively, contract diseases we'll have no hope of curing,"

He mentions giving the best part of themselves, and we know they are 
already limited by existing medical supplies, so I don't think there's 
much of a choice as far as accepting diseases are concerned.

 > head angel
> Kara (who could still fly a Viper and could be seen by all), the
> opera "explanation", and the dancing robot montage.  Not to mention so
> people being willing to die to save one half-Cylon little girl.  Might I
> that the "God" in the BSG universe is pretty stupid - so, you can send new
> people, who fly real (apparently) Vipers, and the best means of getting
> humanity to where they're going is to have Kara remember the coordinates
> when she's standing right in front of the FTL console?  

Kara needed to be physical and "real" enough to guide the fleet, the FLT 
coordinates were more of the same. Hera's purpose was to unite the 
races. The volunteers doubtless had many motivations, but the mission to 
save Hera was also guaranteed to indulge any wishes to kill lots and 
lots of Cylons.

> "God did it" or "magic did it" out of nowhere is considered a lazy
> explanation for a reason.  Though, to be honest, I found "Time to split
> with few supplies, and not even try to create a civilisation" even more
> ridiculous.  I can imagine the fleet members: "I'm a mechanic.  What the
> hell do I know about being a hunter-gatherer?  Is it too late to side with
> Gaeta?" 

Everyone (except the Cylons) had already had experience with roughing it 
from the settlement of New Caprica.

> At least we got Cavil blowing his brains out, Baltar's "I know a bit about
> farming", and Roslin's death, which were all very effective/awesome

> Oh, silly Adama, you can't marry a corpse.

?? They were married shortly before the mutiny. The cabin and garden 
thing was a recap of their plans from during the settlement of New Caprica.

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