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>On Mar 20, 2009, at 11:38 AM, Son of Witz wrote:
>> "Beside me, Dorcas plucked a water hyacinth and put it in her hair.  
>> Except for the vague spot of white on the bank some distance ahead,  
>> it was the first flower I had seen in the Garden of Endless Sleep; I  
>> looked for others, but saw none. Is it possible the flower came into  
>> being only because Dorcas reached for it? In daylight moments, I  
>> know as well as the next that such things are impossible;"
>So, it's not hyacinths.
>Oh.  Hyacinth.
>Um.  Anyway, so, it's not hyacinths, but as long as we're doing  
>temporally-reversed scenes, how about when the monster drowns the  
>little girl who's tossing the flower petals into the pool in the  
>Karloff _Frankenstein_?  Here we have the time reversal where Dorcas  
>is produced from the pool, and then the flower petals.
>I'm probably just seeing spectres.

I seem to see the wispy edges of a ghost there...


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