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The difference between Wolfe's version of the faerie circle and the mythic originals is that the old plot mechanics have been switched out for something more complex and literary (and useful to Wolfe the Catholic). That's critical.

That is, just because Horn sees a "stag" and chases it through a circle ruins, that doesn't mean he will be taken away by a beautiful green woman and made love to forever on the mossy forest floor, to return in 100 years. That's Abel, anyway. Nor does it mean a giant will demand that he cut off his head, or that he will be killed by his own hounds, etc. Those stories have been told.

Wolfe's story has its own logic, but uses the elements of these old stories. The significance of these particular elements (buck, circle) is that when Horn dies, he continues to live in another mode. They are "signs" of a life-change involving the otherworld, i.e., a resurrection of sorts---we know from them that he didn't just knock himself out.

Exactly what mode that is, and the precise mechanics of the resurrection, is peculiar to Horn's story.


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Despite my reticence to accept the whole idea, I guess it is compelling in light of the "I killed your father" bit.  I don't understand though why a Neighbor / Faerie would have any grief over killing Horn if that's a standard Faerie activity ? crossing folks over after a stag chace.

Has Silk's spirit just crowded Horn's out?
Is Silk speaking metaphorically? It was the quest for Silk that killed Horn. perhaps he feels guilty for being both the object and the inspiration for the quest.



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