(urth) The End of RTTW

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We both know I don't subscribe to the Blue/Ushas theory, so I can't even
begin to entertain your insane Ramblings, Son of.


Seriously, I think the black hole may have been implanted as punishment for
sending crude humanity out into the stars, but I don't see Typhon being
given any knowledge of the 'fix' for that, since he was a major part of the
problem.  Besides, the 'fix' for that problem came back and pretty much
spelled the end for typhon, which the Heirodules would have known, so why
would they tell Typhon about it knowing that he would be fuxored by the
Conciliator (twice) anyway?

Hmmm.  Nope.  I ain't buyin' it even it if is on sale.

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> >I can't imagine Typhon having knowledge of Ushas.  Seems against the
> >thematics to me....
> maybe. I'm not sure.
> but he knew of the Black Hole.  The Hierodules were behind the Autarch.
> were they behind him? Is this barbaric state that
> Autarchy/Heirodules/Heirogrammates keep Urth in an outcome of Typhon's
> sending crude humanity out into the stars?
> It seems very viable to me that this situation of the Test and the New Sun
> promise pre-existed the Autarchy simply because the black hole (which was
> PUT THERE) pre-existed the Autarchy.
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