(urth) The End of RTTW

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Thu Mar 19 15:37:42 PDT 2009

> And, why would a neighbor, finally admitting what he is, if only to himself,
>choose to return to the Whorl, at the very end?  Silk, yes, but a neighbor?

Well, the Neighbors aren't hanging around Blue and Green, are they?
They've said they're moving on. It's humanity, now granted the deed to Blue that is leaving.

The ending is a mystery to me as well. I feel like I'm supposed to recognize Oreb's "Good Fishing!" comment as a reference. But I'll be danged if I do. Consider that Wolfe says the the first thing he plots is his ending. Sheesh.

Where are they all going? To find another planet to colonize, I suppose. But this is one of the more hurtful events for believing that the Short Sun is Sol. After returning to a depopulated Urth or Ushas. Why are they leaving again?

>I think the sine qua non has got to be that it's really 
>Silk talking to Remora at the big reveal, right? 
>Either Silk was clinging to his body when Neighbor/Horn(?)
>got poured into it, or Silk reentered the body via Pig at
>some point, but that's Silk in there at the end.
>Not necessarily "only" Silk, though.

Silk was always "there". That's his body. He's got a brain full of memories. His love for Hyacinth is still there, in that regard. I would guess that Horn's memories only exist anymore in the memory of the Neighbor. You seem to be thinking of the Raja as a Neighbor in human disguise. He's not. Like the Mani the cat, he's neither Neighbor nor Horn nor Silk. He's a new thing.
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