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>> Roy: This does not ruin your theory, per se, but it does cast more than a 
>> little
>> doubt on the notion that Silkhorn remembers being a greenbuck.
>Wow! You miss four words and it really changes the meaning. I checked and 
>you're right. So I checked my old copy and, yep, it had a bad printing of 
>the end of that line. arrg! This re-arranges the furniture a bit. And a 
>little chaos does not a convincing argument make.
>You're right that this corrected text does mean that Horn does not 
>explicitly recall a past as a greenbuck.  The most annoying thing is that I 
>will have to rewrite something that nicely put it all together in a bow. 
>Those stiff hairs definitely recall a deer hide for me. And I'd say there's 
>still pretty solid evidence that the Raja is a Neighbor with Horn's and 
>Silk's psyche. Yet, this is going to need buttressing, which I be able to do 
>with out a re-reading.

"Shot down, in a blaze of glory"

sorry man, just kidding.
I'm just glad I'm not overly invested in any of my readings.
dang, it's gotta hurt. What can you do when your text is printed wrong?
it's like if I did a painting of the Amphisbaena based on the typo where he writes "Hand" instead of "Head". My serpent would be chomping it's hand.


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