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For me, it's enough that Horn saw and gave chase to a greenbuck. When 
you see a large white stag, the Old Folk are near---it's that 
simple---and if you are smart, you will go home immediately. Of course, 
heroes are not smart in that way, and so they go plunging after a green 
stag, not realizing the Neighbors are close by. And so one was near when 
Horn died. Fuzzy, perhaps. But enough for me. 
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I said I didn't want to get into this stuff again. I don't and I won't. But
. . . when I read the above quote from OBW, p-272, then compare it with the
wording in my copy, I come away with a different impression:
    "My name is Horn." I offered him my hand.
    He took it, and this time I felt his hand and remembered it. It was
hard, and seemed to be covered with short, stiff hairs. Beyond that I will
not say.

What he remembers here is the feel of the Neighbor's hand, not himself being
a greenbuck. The reference to remembering the feel of the Neighbor's hand
"this time"is to their having touched hands five pages earlier (p-267), when
the Neighbor had helped him stand up. He said that he didn't remember how
the Neighbor's hands had felt when he was helped up, but he did take notice
when they shook hands.

This does not ruin your theory, per se, but it does cast more than a little
doubt on the notion that Silkhorn remembers being a greenbuck.



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