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No, I have not read that, but thanks! 

The correspondence of the Whorl gods to the Greek pantheon was always plain, but I never tried to map it. I will read this.


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I was not aware of the connection between Horn and Actaeon. I wrote my essay 
on Aristaeus before I'd read tBotSS. That's really interesting.
The essay is here: http://www.urth.org/whorlmap/aristaeus.htm
The version that Wolfe used to plot the novel is Robert Graves's from "The 
Greek Myths". I presume you've read my essay on this already, but if you 
haven't, I map Grave's rendition to Wolfe's novel from beginning to end.  I 
realize the perils in declaring any decent novel to be an "allegory" but I 
found it uncanny the way Wolfe managed to link every element in Graves' 
narrative to his own story.  Incidentally, in this overlay Tussah is Apollo, 
Quetzal is Dionysus, and Pas is Zeus. The Myrtle nymphs? Look up myrtle in 
the index and check out the references--they are illuminating.

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