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Two cents:

Stags are such a standard mythical sign of the otherworldly or godly, whether of Annwn or Olympus, that they are almost a cliche. So just the fact that Horn sights and chases a "buck" is telling. Especially when it's a white one---but that's cheesy, and this one is an alien green. 

Usually it is a boar (the other classic royal quarry) that kills the king (via a wound in the thigh, of course), but that's a detail. For all I know greenbucks have huge tusks. 


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> >Witz: I really think your theory is interesting, but I think it needs the 
> >justification for the Neighbor being a greenbuck.

There are casual hints about this on the level of the one Stuart Hamm 
offered, but I don't think it ever gets any clearer than OBW (HB) pg 272
"'My name is Horn.' I offered him my hand.
He took it, and this time I felt his hand and **remembered hard**, and 
seemed to
be covered with short, stiff hairs. Beyond that I will not say. " (emphasis 

What he remembers here is being a greenbuck. It doesn't sound like a human 
or a tree or a spider. Also, the Raja states that he feels personally 
responsible for Horn's death, and the greenbuck is simply the only candidate 
around when Horn dies:

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