(urth) Guns ad nauseum

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Right, that was the point. Guns, iPods, laptops, cameras, cell phones, 
GPS units, and cash must be 90% of what people steal from homes and 
cars. Of course, one can assume any home has at least 1 of these, but if 
one knows for sure, well ... ------------------------------ Message: 3 
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Stockhoff wrote:

> > Guns are stolen all the time. Gun collectors have to lock up their 
> > stuff, and even then they get hit. I know someone whose neighbor bashed 
> > a hole in his wall to do it. He wasn't home.

This is much preferable to having people break-in while you are at home, 
  so I'd call it a successful deterrence unless it was somehow 
established that the marginal desire to steal the gun motivated the 
decision to break in at all.

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