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Cliff Judge wrote:
> I'm going to chime in late, well after the thread has outlived its 
> usefulness, and share that I believe the Amendment was intended to keep 
> arms among the citizenry to enable guerilla warfare against a tyrannical 
> domestic government, or a foreign one.

Thank you!

> I find that the argument that "the government has far better weapons 
> therefore it is moot" is automatic and rhetorical. I wish people who 
> raised that argument would be honest that they make an assumption that 
> the only possible scenario is one where the erstwhile evil government 
> has total control of all of its armed forces.

Again, super!

> But more than anything I dislike the gun ownership movement in the US 
> for maintaining that the Amendment actual provides the right to keep and 
> bear arms for personal defense of self and home against individual 
> crime. If you own weapons, and the lives of your family are threatened, 
> by all means shoot first and live with the legal and moral consequences. 
> But do not insist that you have the inherent right to own a gun to 
> protect yourself against home invasions. This is not provided for by the 
> Amendment.

Not by the 2nd Amendment alone, but the Fourth Amendment extends the 
"free state" to include security in one's property and body.

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