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Thu Mar 19 04:44:16 PDT 2009

Son of Witz wrote:
> no no.
> It's not just "cute". it's fairly profound. it's literal, and it's a 
> good example of why I've been saying the time loop is intractable.
> Things in this story's past have their roots in it's temporal future.
> I know it's a steady refrain from me, but Amphisbaena, Amphisbaena 
> Amphisbaena.

And Clarke and Teilhard De Chardin are riding it.

> He's suggesting they ARE Frankensein, and the "particular past event 
> that Talos is referring to" is the writing of Frankenstein and other 
> Promethean stories.
> Dizzyingly awesome idea.

To me it is most interesting for the implication that some adaptation of 
_FRANKENSTEIN_ survives to be popular enough that Dr Talos expects 
Severian to be familiar with it.

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