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David, that's a really interesting reading. I tend to think that Wolfe is more ambiguous. It's not all good, and, in fact, the way I see it, most of his stories are about the never-ending problems of figuring out the dead ends from the good made up stuff. Otherwise, why wouldn't Severian be fine believing in the Claw? Or why would Silk have to have the Outsider help him see through Pas? Or why would Able have to be forced to look up to Michael instead of down to Disiri, etc.?

I think you're right that, in the end, all the "false gods" seem to be able to be integrated, but it takes his heroes a lot of time figuring out how to do it properly without following divergent paths.

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Yes, much better put. In reaching toward the divine, humans make stuff up. Some of it is true, some of it is less true.

But Wolfe doesn't seem to see any of the stuff we make up as dead ends, false gods, idols, or traps and snares. Rather, it's all good, especially if the Divine isn't offended but reaches out in turn to make the false true. And that fits his oeuvre, which is consistent in this regard, from Soldier of Sidon to Free Live Free and the Eyeflash Miracles to The Wizard Knight.


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Yes and no...I think Wolfe is interested in the question of how the human
mind approaches the divine and in the way that the Divine approaches the
human mind.

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