(urth) The Politics Of Gene Wolfe

brunians at brunians.org brunians at brunians.org
Wed Mar 18 14:42:07 PDT 2009

> Yeah, I voted against it.  Alcatraz brings in lots of morbid curiosity
> tourist dollars.  Who the hell is gonna take a ferry out to a Global Peace
> Center. I mean, WTF is that anyway?

> I think most people just thought it would accomplish absolutely nothing.

> there was another one I voted against, naming our waste processing plant
> after GW Bush.  I wouldn't give him the honor.

Besides, you are going to have to save something for Obama, when the
Afghan war is entering its tenth year there, a little bit down the line

Remember, this is a guy whose hero is Abe Lincoln. Some things about the
Lincoln administration might give pause.


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