(urth) Hut in the Jungle

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>>> I understand that it serves to show us that one can time travel,
>>>without knowing it, by merely walking through certain spaces that
>>> are somehow set up for this. This makes that very clear. Robert
>>> mentions Paris, and we see a propeller plane, it's a window into
>>> Urth's past as Earth.
>>Are we sure it's the past?

I am.
it seems abundantly clear, and even GW's translator note says as much.
I dismiss outright the suggestion that GW may not = Gene Wolfe.

>If you believe, as I do, that they are the missionaries Robert and Mary 
>Moffat (Robert was a former gardener), then I would say it was in the past. 
>This would mean that the Time that Sev is in when he sees the plane is not 
>the Time where he encountered the missionaries. 

Now that's interesting. I should read up on that I suppose.

my wife's boss was a Christian missionary in the Panamanian jungle for many years. I should ask him if he knows of them.  Dude is awesome. He goes around SF giving out soap and socks to the homeless.


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