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I'm actually rereading it right now...read chapter one of On Blue's Waters
last night.  I'll keep an eye out for signs that Horn is Typhon's clone.

My theory is that it all comes down to two passages in Long Sun--Incus
explaining that demons can't pretend to be gods without being absorbed into
the god, and the Outsider telling Silk that he's absorbing Kypris, and that,
even if Kypris is killed, he'll simply absorb Thelx as instead.  Typhons
family *are *demons, in a very real sense, and the Outsider is engaged in
the process of aborbing them into his godhood.  Kypris is first and easiest,
because, like the Outsider, she's a love god.

So Kypris is the one who suggests to Silk, and also (in my theory) to the
technicians (via Tartaros?  whatever) that Silk must be taken to Mainframe
for Pas.  The addition of the basically-good Silk-soul into the
basically-evil Typhon soul that constitutes Pas is the first step of
redeeming Pas into a god fit for worship on Blue.

Anyway, that's my reading.  I'd argue that Silk/Horn's role in bringing
peace to the soul of Scylla is additional evidence that this is what's going
on, thematically, in the books.

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 3:15 PM, James Wynn <crushtv at gmail.com> wrote:

> >John Watkins: Horn is a clone of Typhon?
> Yes. Tussah too. Next time you read SS, read it with the possibility in
> mind that Horn is Typhon; the first hint is when Horn gives his little
> lecture to his family about Pas having the ability to come to Blue.
> >John Watkins: I also don't think Silk was possessed by Pas...
> Of course not. Few people seem to. Theories are a dime-a-dozen here. I
> won't strip you of yours.
> >Stuart Hamm: Pas got loaded into Silk in Mainframe right???
>  >Can't remember where it's stated though...
> and
> >John Watkins: I thought *Silk* got loaded into *Pas* at Mainframe,
> "healing"
>  >Pas in the sense of turning him into, in part at least, the "Silver
> Silk" who later possesses Pig.
> Why do you think the technicians carried the leader of a single Whorl city
> all the way to Mainframe to repair Pas? If anyone would do, why not use
> someone more accessible? Why wait 20 years when in order to use someone from
> the Cargo?
> J
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