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Horn is a clone of Typhon?

I also don't think Silk was possessed by Pas...

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>> "Yo Dawg, I heard you like reading about possesion, so we put some Pas  in
>> your Silk and some Silk in your Horn so you can read about Pas  while you
>> read about Silk while you read about Horn."
>> *inserts photoshopped pic of Xzibit with two heads*
> And there my friends is Horn riding the beast with three Horns...for Horn
> is a clone of Typhon, and the Neighbor who reanimated him is Horn (so he
> says in his meeting with the Neighbors), and Silk --a clone of Typhon's son
> with Kypris-- was possessed by Pas and so used to heal Pas at the end of LS:
> Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. One and yet three.
> But this combines three explanations I've offered in the past that are
> different yet the same in that they all never seemed to have appealed to
> very many people.
> P.S. I does seem that Babbie is psychically connected to Horn as long as he
> remains in his presence.
> J
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