(urth) The Politics Of Gene Wolfe

brunians at brunians.org brunians at brunians.org
Wed Mar 18 10:55:25 PDT 2009

>>>> I recommend that you undertake the practice described in Epictetus
>>>> 'Handbook': http://classics.mit.edu/Epictetus/epicench.html is not the
>>>> best translation, but it will get you started. It has really helped me.

>>> I disagreed so much with the first paragraph's foundations that I
>>> didn't bother with the rest.

>> Remarkable, though I suppose not unsurprising.

>> Ah well, were you able to accept it you might find it useful. As it is I
>> suppose you will have to go through life having bad emotions in response
>> to external stimuli.

> No, actually I don't have a problem with that. I'm quite aware that I
> can't control external things. I just dont' agree with the can control /
> can't control items he listed. I'd switch categories on some of them.

As I say, Mrs Carter's translation is not the best. I'd be happy to
discuss this with you, off-list if you prefer, if you'd like to go into
some detail....


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