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Yes, that's a good one. Remind me how it ends ...


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Or that one with the near-future woods bum who needs a new hunting rifle
and goes on a reality show that puts tv cameras in his head and a
$100,000, which the Feds want, of course. He has a bit of a head start and
has to find his black market weapons dealer and get back away to the woods
with the cops after him.

I think that one is pretty explicit. I love the very last bit: classic Wolfe.


> > Well, very few criminal shootings are from a distance or with a rifle
> > (same thing). So it's always going to be point-blank shootings (of
> > strangers or not) vs stabbings or beatings (of strangers or not).
> > Stabbings are usually motivated by rage, because you get the victim's
> > blood all over you. You can casually shoot the storekeeper because he
> > looked at you funny, or shoot him in a panic because you lost your nerve.
> >
> > I'd like to actually mention a Gene Wolfe story. The Ziggurat from Strange
> > Travelers always seemed to me to contain a healthy chunk of Wolfean
> > psychology/politics. The protagonist hunts, lives alone, harbors some
> > anger against women, and has to deal with aliens killing his son. If
> > anyone has a point to prove about Wolfe and guns, look there.
> >
> > ------------------------------

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