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>>I recommend that you undertake the practice described in Epictetus
>>'Handbook': http://classics.mit.edu/Epictetus/epicench.html is not the
>>best translation, but it will get you started. It has really helped me.
> I disagreed so much with the first paragraph's foundations that I didn't
> bother with the rest.

Remarkable, though I suppose not unsurprising.

Ah well, were you able to accept it you might find it useful. As it is I
suppose you will have to go through life having bad emotions in response
to external stimuli.

> And I see no reason to kill the thread.

There isn't, really. Just some people like to feel that they have control
over things that are external to them.

>                                      Not like there was anything going
> on here for a couple of weeks.

>                              Just ignore the thread if you don't care
> to read it.  On a msg board I visit daily, I ignore 98% of the crap.

Excellent advice.

> I do figure that we'll all fail to convince each other of anything though.
> :(

Oh, I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish. Now I am just
watching things work themselves out.

Would you believe it, I have this guy insulting me in private email over
it? He's no longer even trying to make a point: he is just calling me
names. Quite amusing.


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