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Some corrections. 

(1) Tucson is majority white (2/3), or was in 2000 when the total population was still less than 500,000. Both cities are under 600,000.

(2) You seem to be assuming that Hispanics and Blacks are culturally identical minorities. That's demonstrably false. The analogy fails, whatever it was supposed to mean in the first place.

(3) Tucson is 600 square miles. DC is 61. Therefore, the density is very different. Tucson is not even urban by DC or even East Coast standards. DC is 10 times as dense and has 6 times as many murders. 

Therefore, your assumptions are false and do not support your argument. If anything, they undermine your argument, since DC is 10 times as dense but has only 6 times as many murders. 

I spent 17 years in DC. I'd hate to live in Tucson if it was jammed into 60 square miles.


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No there aren't. Washington DC has 400,000 people. Tucson AZ has 400,000
people. Tucson AZ has, like, twenty, thirty murders a year. There is a
thriving drug trade in both cities, a minority majority in both cities,
and Tucson has also *huge* amounts of illegal humans coming through as
well as guys who will come up the fifty miles from Mexico to steal cars to


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