(urth) The Politics Of Gene Wolfe

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Wed Mar 18 07:01:35 PDT 2009

> On Mar 18, 2009, at 1:14 AM, brunians at brunians.org wrote:

>>> Apparently this is an emotional subject for you. So, snark on then.
>>> I am unaware of having made any particular display of emotion: in
>>> fact, I have been quite calm and dispassionate all evening.

>> I have found that when someone, out of the blue, starts talking
>> about the person they are talking to's emotional state, it is not that
>> person's emotional state that they are actually talking about.

>> Fortunately, you are not my only interlocutor, and any points I have
>> wanted to make with you have been made.

>> I do wish you a calm rest of the evening, and on into tomorrow.

> You have been calm.

Thank you. I have been making good progress these last few years.

> it's your short quips that seem snarky.  when you back them up with
> elaboration they're not so snarky.
> just saying, one whippersnapper to another.

52 next Walpurgisnacht, Fidel. Put it back in your pants.


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