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Wed Mar 18 05:19:30 PDT 2009

Sorry Doubtful Tim, the one I was wondering how long it would take someone
to trot out was the 'do you think that nuclear weapons should be legal?'
The answer too that is, mostly to shut you up (they aren't incredibly
useful weapons) I am willing to allow an exception to the general rule as
long as it is understood as a single exception.

And I expect to be able to use nuclear *explosives* for my various
off-planet construction projects.

The bit about the murder rate in SF being about the same as the crime rate
in Tucson really did catch me by surprise. I will say that I would still
rather drive a cab in Tucson than in SF.


> brunians at brunians.org wrote:
>> Ah yes, I was wondering how long it would take someone to trot this one
>> out.
> So you don't have any evidence, then. Glad we got that straight.
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