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> So you think it is because people are all crowded together? I think it is
> because you have disarmed the honest ones.
> People in Switzerland are very heavily armed, and I believe that their
> cities are pretty densely populated. Hardly any crime there at all.
An orful lotta emotion heah. Seems lahk muh man Jamie Michener commented in his book The Drifters that homocide rates very strongly tend to be inversely related to the homogeneity of thuh society.  I never found the journal article he cited, but the prima facie rationale behind it still seems to me to make sense.   
I don't think it's a "one explanation fits all" cases situation, of course.  Violence,an extreme for of discourtesy, seems to come from the breaking down of mores with the concomitant geographical area.  One of the factors of this breaking down is the heterogeneity of the local populace.
Having said that I am a gunowner and I do deliberately not show this off, i.e., I doubt any of my neighbors know I have one.  This is due to the "attractive nuisance" factor.  I don't want to be targeted as a preferred target for burglary due to possessing something a 24 to 44 yr old body with a 14 yr old intellect and a 3 yr old emotional development can put on his "cover radar".
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