(urth) The Politics Of Gene Wolfe

don doggett kingwukong at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 17 23:37:26 PDT 2009


--- On Tue, 3/17/09, Chris P <rasputin_ at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I have no problem believing that some people favor gun
> control for fear of the "lower orders", or for
> racial reasons. But I do not buy into this as a general
> explanation of the entire phenomena; I do not see massive
> support for gun control in the Deep South, for example. 

Up until recently (within the last 30 - 40 years), the Deep South and the South in general would have been considered poor as a region, thanks largely to the lingering effects of Reconstruction. We definitely fell into the "lower orders" that people would have been happy to disarm.



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