(urth) The Politics Of Gene Wolfe

brunians at brunians.org brunians at brunians.org
Tue Mar 17 22:11:59 PDT 2009

> I live in San Francisco, near Bayview (a "ghetto"), right up the
> street from where the Bologna family was famously massacred over a
> minor traffic inconvenience.
> I hear gunshots weekly. 3 blocks from my work, downtown SF, I heard
> someone get shot to death a couple months ago. (heard the shots, then
> looked to see everyone screaming over the dead man).  Guns are a big
> problem in this city.  I HIGHLY doubt the gunshots I hear so often
> have "good" reasons, intentions or outcomes.

But how can this be? It is basically illegal to own a weapon in San

How old are you, man?


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