(urth) The Politics Of Gene Wolfe

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Tue Mar 17 20:40:49 PDT 2009

Craig Brewer writes:

> What interests me ... is the culture that has grown up (in
> America, I suppose I should say) around the gun debate. It seems that
> we’ve been forced to take sides as if we’re for arming every
> able-bodied citizen to protect us from the unwashed masses

I am as fervent a supporter of the right to arm oneself as anyone, and I
thought we were armed to protect ourselves from the government. Where do
you get this unwashed masses bit? It is the disarmers who fear the
consequences of armed unwashed masses, especially when they are non-white.

>                                    or that we have to be labeled naïve
> pacifists who blind themselves to potential dangers.

Rather, people who have been well-programmed or (more kindly) who have not
yet shaken off their programming.

Your further representations of what people on each side of the argument
'believe' seems to me to be somewhat inaccurate and reflective, in parts,
of a high level of ignorance: semi-automatic weapons are in fact used for
sport, both for hunting and for target shooting:


Also I really do think that sublimated racism and a coordinated and
decades long media campaign has more to do with anti-gun attitudes than
anything else.


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