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It's certainly safe to say that it appears in a large number of them, and the times it comes up in the longer works generally give a pretty unambiguous picture. Although interestingly he passes over it rather lightly in BotNS. The Autarch strictly controls what weaponry is available to the citizenry, and for pretty direct reasons. Severian is fairly unconcerned by it, though - perhaps in part because he is the Autarch at the time they're being written.

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> >                                   But you've said
> > "prominently in almost every story," and I don't see that.
> My apologies: Wolfe's pro-gun bias is so clear to me that I did not
> anticipate that so many people would question its existence. I will admit
> that 'featured prominently in almost every story' is an exagerration: 'it
> is a recurring theme' is more accurate.
> I find that I need to go through my GW short-story collections and pick
> out some examples. I should do this this evening.
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