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> Thought I was getting off topic with Alan Moore...
> I guess Silk's act of giving away slug-guns to his militia rings in light of the Second Amendment, though I'd have to agree with (I think it was Alan) that the stories I've read deal more with a power imbalance due to weapons technology access, but hardly make a case for getting better weapons to the people.
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I don't have any kind of problem with this sort of example, and there are plenty of them in Wolfe's work. He has a belief, and he doesn't argue it to me (as the reader) or even necessarily try to persuade me; he portrays a situation in which that belief is relevant, and if the writing is well done the truth (or lack thereof) shows through on its own. Thing is, I think the same when it comes to Moore.

What I would expect, though, given brunians other comments is that he would complain about Wolfe being a whiny, bitter anarchist who doesn't like powerful governments because they've got bad parts in them.

It's a tough world, after all.

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