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>Hmmmm.   I can't really get on board any of that.  Although I can understand
>wanting to figure it out, as rarely is something laid before us like that
>without some purposful reasonance.
>I assumed the word was in a language completely unfamiliar, and non-human.
>Seawrack being a bridge of sorts between to worlds, that of the mother and
>that of humanity.  She is being passed from the mother, the non-human world,
>where she had a non-human name, into the world of humanity, where she has to
>have a human name.
>Why would she have a name of the language of men?  I can't imagine Horn
>having a hard time saying any of the words people have said here.  He
>'pronounces' an awfuly lot of complicated nomenclature throughout his tale,
>so Serineia or other others don't strike me as holding any special
>An alien word though, in a tongue not related to the world of man, that
>would be tough.  That also has resonance for me.  Mirrors the false mother
>the Mother creates to speak to Horn.  It has to approximate humanity to
>interact with Horn, and Horn has to 'approximate' Seawracks name to relate
>to Seawrack.

Yes, this jibes with me much more.


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