(urth) torturing BTQ

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 08:31:33 PDT 2009

>>Granted, the modified form is not "easier", but I  think reflexive outrage 
>>at the mere use of the term "begs the  question" is oversensitivity on the 
>>part of some logicians...which  is reason enough to use it.
> Outraging logicians has never been a particularly good motivator for  me. 
> I must be doing it wrong.

You must be, Adam.

Logicians are not Vulcans, they only enjoy pretending to be ones. They have 
petty pet peeves just like the rest of humanity. In some cases, those who 
assume the title "logician" are not at all removed from those taking part in 
the annual "Klingon Beauty Contest" in Atlanta. When meeting a person who is 
showing off his invulnerable armor, how can one resist poking an uncovered 

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