(urth) Wolfe at Readercon

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 13:55:50 PDT 2009

>>Also it is full of stories of manticores (verified),

> I don't know what Herodotus was referring to here, but it wasn't nothing.

"Manticore" is from the Indian word for tiger. Granted, tigers don't have 
three rows of teeth or a tail with spikes, but Pausanias (2nd century) 
recognized it as the tiger with fanciful flourishes.

>> flying snakes,

> There are flying snakes (or at least gliding snakes).

Yeah, but Herodotus describes a whole Egyptian ecology involving birds etc.

>> wool growing on trees (verified),

> It's a variety of Indian cotton.


>> and a personal encounter with Pan.

> People have personal encounters with God literally all of the time.

Yeah, but only Abraham claimed to have met him in the mundane way (on the 
road to Athens) that Herodotus relates. 

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